I visited Vittel and Contrexeville which is famous for mineral waters and enjoyed Vitttel SPA. Although I searched the information about Vittel SPA before my visit, there was informations only in French. Therefore, I try to write about VIttel SPA in English.

In the SPA, information is written only in French and Staffs speaks English a very little.

The price of SPA is relatively expensive, but relaxing and a little bit luxury.

A swimming wear is essential, and a cap is also required when you are in swimming pool.


Vittel SPA is located in the natural park and next to the spring of Vitttel Water. SPA is around 10 minutes walk from VIttel station and center of the town.

For tourists, you have to make reservation to enter the SPA. In our case, we went to the SPA reception in 10 a.m, and reserved for the SPA program starting from 2:20 pm same day. The price for SPA was 74EUROS/2person, that is 37EUROS/person and you can choose a program which you want to enjoy. I choosed jacuzzi bath program for one person.

Swimming wear is essential, and swimming cap is also required when you are in swimming pool. Because I didnt have a cap, I bought it (4EURO).

After I visited to Contrexeville, I returned to Vittel SPA before 2:20am.

The way entering SPA is very similar to that of other SPAs, so you don’t lost your way. In the SPA, you can enjoy several places including saunas, small pools, more bigger jacuzzi, relaxation and so on,.

What you should know about is some places are not for free, such as unique shower or jacuzzi bath for one person. My program seemed to start at 15:50, I went to the reception of my program, and enjoyed about 15 minutes relaxation.

In the SPA, you can drink freely including some kind of tea and VIttel mineral water except for alcohol drink.

I could not find a closing time, but maybe it was 19:00. That’s why if you want enjoy SPA deeply, it is no problem for you.



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